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GOAL Systems web app

Design and development of CMS to manage transport routes. On the core backend base with the functionalities and operations, an interface layer was implemented to facilitate the achievement of different tasks by the user.

  • GOAL Systems - SNCB
  • Visual design, navigable prototypes and design system
My role
User flows definition and design, development and maintenance of the design system

The challenge was to apply a pre-designed interface layer and design workflows on a backend base containing all the functions. We moved from an installable application environment to a web-based one.

Tests were performed with users to validate assumptions and get insights to iterate the different operations. On functional requirements, I generated adjusted designs to validate with the product owner and to be tested with real users. I also maintained a dialogue with the front end to control the fidelity of the design and to discuss different approaches taking into account the time allotted for the implementation.


Visual design of elements, screens and flows. To generate the prototypes I used Invision and Craft.


Navigable prototypes including code view when coming from Craft.


Design of different elements such as iconography, logos and illustrations.

Project images